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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Unmolested Friday

Good Morning.
I took a  vacation day today! My aim is to putter around the house. I'm so excited. Kate is off to Special Olympic Summer Games for the whole weekend. Joe is going to work. My son sleeps half the day, so I am more or less alone. I think, since Kate isn't here, I might clean her room a little. With wrecking ball and a bull dozer.

I'm also going to start gesso-ing the pages I've prepared in my altered-book-sketch-book. I've glued together every three pages, then I started to fold some of the pages funny, into triangles and such. The entire book is not prepared that way yet, but, it's a work in progress. It is raining again, every day this week, so I don't expect anything to dry today.

Ellene stopped by the other day and commented on the Magic Tree post. She was able to see the Gustav Klimt style fabric in the quilt. I have included some close-ups this time. Remember, this is when I jumped back into quilting. I went on line to look at fabric and I almost fainted when I saw the patterns that were available. I was seriously addicted for a while. I'd drop $100 bucks every time I looked at the site. Once I had a decent stash, I had to cut back. You know.

So, time to get another cup-o-coffee and make this day count.

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