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Thursday, January 14, 2010


Here is a picture of Kate and some of her friends, waiting to leave on the cruise this morning. The other picture isn't so good, but it shows a line of luggage that is a block long! She's got so much clothing, formal, dress up, dress down, hot weather, cold weather, 100 pairs of underwear, i-pod, phone, journal, hair bands, jewelry, makeup, and get this: I needed to write up an inventory for every bag!

Well, at least now I can chill a little.

Thanks for the comments on my previous post. I am liking the textbook for my "Mass Communication and Society" class. I just read about the history of the book. Fascinating.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Minute to Breathe

Well, my online classes have started. Needless to say, it takes up quite a bit of my time. I am already learning so many things, and I haven't gotten into any real subjects yet. My Mass Media and Society class is a little slow to start. The first week"s assignment has basically been to get the book. The UPS man just delivered it. The Professor should start posting lectures tomorrow. My other class is Strategies for Online Learning. This class has tons of articles to read, lectures to view, mini papers to write, and discussion boards to post to. I've been introduced to the concepts of critical thinking. Something we should all be doing more of.

I find my motivation is high, and because everything is online. I can view the course materials whenever I have a minute at work. All those times when I was goofing off on etsy or looking at blogs, I am now doing school work. I think it will be OK.

Kate is leaving for a cruise with the ARC on Thursday. She looks forward to it all year. Quite frankly, it is a pain in the ass for me, all of the preparations. Today was the day I had to drive to the ARC office and deliver her spending Money, her medications along with a detailed description of how and when the medicine is to be administered, and her medical form. We just went this morning for the physical, because that is when I could get an appointment. Kate was supposed to have today off, but she was scheduled at work, I guess because she is taking the next 10 days off. I had to rush her over to work after the appointment. I was to deliver the drugs and cash, as I just mentioned, between 2 pm and 5 pm. I was gathering everything, when I noticed that she only had 10 pills left of her allergy medicine. I know they would give me a hard time at the ARC, so I called the pharmacy, who informed me that I was a couple f days early to have the prescription refilled. You see what I mean? These little annoyances just grind you down to a nub! When I went to take money out of the ATM in town for her, the thing was broken, jeez.

I am happy to report that Joe and I are going away this weekend. We will be staying at a B&B in Hudson, NY. We came upon this town accidentally while on a motorcycle trip, and it looked so cool, I decided we should stay there someday. I'm pretty excited about it!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Young Victoria: Violence!

Apparently there was an attempted assassination on Queen Victoria early on, and in this movie, Prince Albert dives in front of her and takes a bullet. Don't worry, he was fine, plus that never happened in real life. Assassination attempt, yes, Albert getting hit, no. Otherwise, the movie was pretty much everything I want in a historical costume drama. We enjoyed it very much.

We had Thai food, which was great. At first we were afraid we wouldn't even get any food. Quite a few places in Doylestown were closed, and many more were booked up!  I had no idea. Shows you how I never really get out on New Years Eve. I went and picked up a calzone for Kate at our local Pizza Restaurant, and they were turning people away because the tables were booked!

Tomorrow we are hosting a big holiday family party. It was supposed to be December 19th, but was canceled due to snow.  Let me tell you how done I am with the holidays. I should be taking my tree down, but no, not till this party is over. I had to shop all over again, now I have to clean all over again...