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Friday, January 1, 2010

Young Victoria: Violence!

Apparently there was an attempted assassination on Queen Victoria early on, and in this movie, Prince Albert dives in front of her and takes a bullet. Don't worry, he was fine, plus that never happened in real life. Assassination attempt, yes, Albert getting hit, no. Otherwise, the movie was pretty much everything I want in a historical costume drama. We enjoyed it very much.

We had Thai food, which was great. At first we were afraid we wouldn't even get any food. Quite a few places in Doylestown were closed, and many more were booked up!  I had no idea. Shows you how I never really get out on New Years Eve. I went and picked up a calzone for Kate at our local Pizza Restaurant, and they were turning people away because the tables were booked!

Tomorrow we are hosting a big holiday family party. It was supposed to be December 19th, but was canceled due to snow.  Let me tell you how done I am with the holidays. I should be taking my tree down, but no, not till this party is over. I had to shop all over again, now I have to clean all over again...

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momtofatdogs said...

"Done" for the holidays. That is a very good terminology...DONE. Me Too. And I didn't even put up a tree this year. NO>....I am not the Hum-Bug, I was just busy. Besides, if it gets put up, I do it. When it comes down, I do it. So "I" didn't want to fool with it all......the "holidays" are hard on the industry I work in & I am SO ready for them to be over...