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Saturday, June 20, 2009


As I sit at the computer on this day in late June it is pouring rain and my feet are cold. It's crazy, but what can you do? 

Faith Takes the Place of Reason, aka the dead baby quilt, is finally photographed  and on Etsy. I don't have any high hopes that I will sell this, but that's OK.

I read the rest of a book last night. A memoir called "Girls of a Tender Age," by Mary-Ann Tyrone Smith. I don't read much. I really like to read, but, I'm trying to focus on so many things, reading just goes by the wayside (I read the newspaper a lot, though) However, if someone plops a book in front of me, and it's good, then that's it, I'm hooked. Someone at work leant me this book, and I actually left it there for a few days, because I was afraid it would become an all-nighter. (I lack a certain amount of self control) I was reading one chapter at the end of every work day this week. Then, somehow it came home with me, and I was up til 2:30 am last night. It is my favorite type of book, where people tell stories about their lives. This woman has some whoppers. I don't care if it is fiction or not, this book happens to be true. She grew up in the 1950's in Hartford, CT, she had an autistic brother, her mom was out there, emotionally, but her dad was great. When she was in the fifth grade one of her class mates was murdered by a serial killer. She surpresses all of this until she is an adult. It is grim, but really interesting to read. Things were VERY different in the 50s. Anyway, check this one out if you think it sounds appealing.

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