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Friday, June 5, 2009

Nice Fantasy

I saw an interesting post on Nicobella. Acey is the person who writes this blog. She has a number of issues and writes eloquently about her healing journey. She uses her art to help. She pointed out an article on Juliana Coles website that talks about what she calls extreme journaling. It's pretty interesting, and it is inspiring me to start some kind of an art journal.

Then I started to look at the rest of the site, which offers incredible-sounding Spiritual Art Journey Adventures. I mean, Greece, Egypt, Africa, Turkey. Think about going to a place like Egypt to make art. I mean, I thought I died and went to heaven in Peters Valley, can you imagine this? Not like I can afford such an adventure, but I read all about it. For 11 days, you stay in top notch hotels, and it sounds like you are very pampered. Right away I am bothered. I don't need top notch anything. I think that really obscures the travel experience. It's also very expensive.

There is also a private yacht that everyone travels around in to all the mystical sights. Oh brother, I think, this is going to cost a fortune. AND, you get the workshop with Juliana Coles, who has 20 years experience guiding people on their mythical, new age, healing vacations. All this my friends, for $7250! You need to know that you will be sharing a room with someone, not all meals are included, and you can find your own way to Cairo. They'll meet you there with a cocktail.

I had to laugh. I guess the un-rich have to find a more creative way to heal themselves. Here is my suggestion: Book a local motel room for Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. Estimated cost, around $100 per night at most. Tell your family to leave you the hell alone, ($priceless.) Pack up a bunch of paints, rubber stamps, your sewing machine, thread, scissors, glue, sparkles, fabric, journals, etc. etc. Bring a lot of snacks and microwave dinners ($50) Bring bottles of wine ($50) Make art all weekend. That would heal at least some of my psychic pain.

I guess I've made enough fun of Juliana and her very sweet gig. It really is a fun site to peruse. I got some good ideas in her packing for a trip section. The simplest idea that I somehow didn't think of myself, is bringing sheets of waxpaper to put between journal pages in case something hasn't dried completely but you need to move along.

I'm thinking of bringing some kind of small scale art supplies with me on the epic motorcycle journey in July (27 more days!) I have such a pathetic packing space. Maybe I can bring one less t-shirt? I will definitely be posting about that process.


ACey said...

Um. Wow. I'm quite dismayed that I inadvertently provided the source for this mockery. Juliana has my intense respect as well as admiration. Just thought I'd make that clear even though this kind of negative attention is probably nothing new to her. Or me for that matter...

Chris said...

Actually, I didn't think I was being that harsh. The price was WOW, but I did go back and say what cool ideas she had. Don't think for one minute I would not want to go.

And for sure I was not making fun of you...???
I'll write you an e-mail when I get home.

Kim Hambric said...

Yes, I too fantasize about these art adventures. From the $7,000 ones to the microwave, cheap motel ones. Anything. I've done some research lately on art retreats. Each year, I tell myself I'm going SOMEWHERE. I get some ideas, look 'em up, sigh, and get back to work. It seems the average retreat costs about $750 - $1200. Then you get to provide yourself some transportation. Then, what really gets me about the vast majority of these retreats, you have to bring dozens of supplies. A sewing machine! What? I've got to drag that heavy thing across the country? And fool that I am, I'd probably return without it.

I did read about one of these extreme diggin' deep down inside courses, perhaps Juliana's. I'd love to take it. Alas, the economy has stepped on my dreams and shattered them. I'll just have to stay shallow for now.

Please let me know if you find any economic retreats. Or just send me a box of lottery tickets.

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