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Friday, June 26, 2009

Not Afraid

Here you see the latest collage in my learning series. I think this is number 4, and I am ahead of the "class." Meaning, I don't think I should have 4 already, as I just received my second set of instructions. (They show up in your e-mail every other day if you subscribe to the course)
I feel that these would be completely different collages with out the words. The words really act as statements about the piece, or even titles. The first image I came across was the chain. Loved that. The the words came next. The original set of words said, "SOME things shouldn't be that difficult." I took off the "some." Then I was finished searching through Automation Whatever Magazine, and had to move on to a different publication. The next thing I came across was the sexy babe behind the key hole. Not really sure why that caught my eye, but it could be because it was red and went with the rest of the collage. That's the conscious reason, anyway. I decided that if I kept going, I might find something better. But, that's not how this is supposed to work. So I took the babe. The last thing, sort of a cartoon butterfly, was on the back of the fragments from the babe, and I liked it. I've got this collage next to me as I write and it occurred to me that the X around the keyhole echos the X that is formed by the chain. Interesting.

I just recently created the journal that I am doing the collages in. I have glued together every three pages of a book that no one in this house is likely to ever read. Somebody got it as a gift and it has languished, dust-covered, ever since. After gluing every three pages, I went back and gesso-ed each side of what are now very thick pages. It's a fair amount of work, but good way to recycle. I've posted a picture of the cover. It comes from a statement I found and always have magnet-ed to my fridge, "What would you do if you weren't afraid?"

It would be hard to not mention the celebrity deaths of the past 24 hours. All I want to say is I think Farrah is really getting ripped-off. Within hours of her death she's become a foot note while MJ is giant banner news. I can tell you, I never once in my life wished I looked like Michael Jackson! No matter how rich and famous you are, you always end up dead.

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Derrick said...

Hello Chris,

I'm back again to contribute my male two pennyworth! Enjoyed seeing this collage. Interesting what things they can suggest, if you don't leave yourself too open to suggestion! The ice cream princess that you've posted today is cute!

Believe it or not, I decided to have a go at this and, all being well, my post should appear on Tuesday. I'm away for a few days and have it scheduled. Fingers crossed!