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Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm Wired

What collage is this? 5? 6? I just keep making them. I like this one. I love that ball with the insane tangle of wires. If that's not me, I don't know what is. Those lightbulbs represent all of the ideas I get that never come to anything because there is just not enough time in the day. Really frustrating.

Something crazy happened this morning. The alarm went off at 6am and I went to the bathroom first thing. It smelled minty in the bathroom. I kind of wondered why that would be. My husband uses this liquid soap called Dr. Bronners. It has been an organic staple since the days of the hippie. It is basically castile oil soap, and comes very concentrated. It comes in a variety of flavors, such as lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, and of course, peppermint. I had this idea that maybe he was up earlier and had washed his hands. I went downstairs and was greeted to a wet floor in the dining room. And, a strong mint aroma. I touched the liquid on the floor, and it was thick and sticky. Long story short, we figured out that a nearly full gallon jug of Dr. Bronner's had leaked into the bathroom cabinet and through the ceiling onto the floor. I have a lot of questions, like how could this happen over such a short period of time? What would make such a hole? We got every old towel we could find, and started smearing it around on the floor. Then we started with wet rags, which kicked up quite a lather, I must say. I would rinse the rag and start again. At that rate I would be done early in the fall. Joe got the idea to just keep mop-slopping water over the floor and then wet vac that up. We got the floor in decent shape plus we managed to get to work on time. One good thing about this. I had to take everything out of the bathroom cabinet and I found one of those plastic tubes for carrying a toothbrush. I was going to buy one.

Now for something completely different. Several people have mentioned that they think our trailer is too small for the motorcycle. I've been calling Joe on the phone to get his statement, but he must be too busy to answer. I think it will be fine. It's not like this is the first time he ever used this trailer for this particular activity.

There is a small glitch with our plans, not too bad. We are dropping the car and trailer at a BMW club member's home in Michigan. We were hoping to arrive there around dinner time, and take the bike to our hotel, and start our trip for real the next day. The BMW people now say that they have a family gathering to attend on Friday and won't be able to do it until Saturday AM. Not much we can really do, they are doing us a favor. We feel compelled to get an extra early start, because the woman who runs the B&B we are staying in Saturday and Sunday seems very concerned that we arrive BEFORE the festivities start. Apparently she is referring to the fourth of July festivities in the town of Frankfort. Is she worried that we will miss something? Or is she worried that she will miss something?

Update: Joe insists it will be fine. He says the wheels can hold 700 lbs each. He says he wouldn't put a GoldWing on that trailer, but we will be fine.

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Derrick said...

Sorry to hear about the spilled soap and the alterations to your trip itinerary. You can do without that sort of thing at the last moment. These collage images seem to be more related. I like the "ideas" aspect. Thanks for commenting on my efforts. If I have a problem, it is the lack of image material from which to pick!!