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Thursday, June 25, 2009

I knew something was wrong.

Thanks to Idaho Beauty For commenting on yesterday's post. She says she can see me in google reader, and she commented, so obviously my blog is available. However, I have a 3rd day in a row with no hits. I guess something is wrong with Google Analytics. Trouble shooting computer stuff is NOT my favorite thing. Maybe someone at work can help.

**Later that same day**

Thanks to Marty for also confirming my existence! (and saying such nice things) I spoke with Mustafa, the tech guy at work and he said that by changing my template I nullified the google analytic thing. So I just have to get around to finding the code and inserting it back into... the code of my blog. I have only a cursory understanding of all this.

OK, back to normal. (No F-word)

Here is the third collage I have made. The first 2, I kind of knew what they were about. This one is pretty random. The text, "hang on, I'll make you a copy." came from an article about internet piracy. I was attracted to it, because a lot of what we do around here is make copies. There is an ink bottle spilled over and dumping rainbow ink. I think that gets lost in the crease of the book so I wanted to explain. I will meditate on this today and see what I think.

What I love most about this kind of collage is that there are just endless images available to us in all of this printed media that's hanging around. The ways people will choose and combine them is infinite. I have scored myself an issue of Automation World Magazine. How's that for obscure? Someone from the mailroom gets it and immediately throws it away. I'm going to use that for tonight's collage.
I swear that today I'm going to find the blog that originally led me to this collage exercise. I 'll look in history.


Derrick said...

Hello Chris,

Just popped over after seeing your comment that you had found Art Propelled again. Though I would have a nosey at your collages! I like the colourfullness of the latest one and the piracy idea. I don't "do" this sort of stuff but enjoy seeing others' efforts!

Chris said...

Hi Derrick! I believe you are the first man to ever comment on this blog. I am going to follow your blog for a while. Maybe longer.