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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

1950s design

I wanted to post some pictures of another cool old thing. On Saturday morning, Joe and I found ourselves in Milford, sitting in the car, drinking coffee, and eating muffins as it started to rain yet again. There was a sign for a multi-family yard sale, so we figured, what the hell, and we followed the sign. No sale, just some forlorn stuff at the curb. There was a cool old fan, so Joe nabbed it off of the pile. Joe has a number of old fans scattered about, mostly in his garage.

Joe has been casually collecting old fans for a long time. As a plumber, he ends up in a lot of basements, and sees plenty of neglected treasures. He is not shy about asking, "do you want that?" Many times people just give him stuff. Sometimes they ask for a few bucks.

We are trying to keep our accumulation to a minimum. We haven't been doing that well lately. We looked at eachother and he said, "If it doesn't work I will throw it away immediately."

So anyway, we've got another fan. I know it isn't the most amazing thing ever, but we appreciate it's snappy 1950's industrial design aesthetic. And the fact that it still works fine. AND the fact that it was made in the USA. We looked it up on the internet and found a really awesome web site. You want to see old fans? check this out:

In other news, Kate has a job interview next week at a supermarket. I'm afraid she will get the job while I am on vacation. I already feel like I am asking a lot of my parents, I don't want them to have to figure all this out.
I could call the LINK and arrange transportation for her from the road. Well, I guess it will all work out.

One more thing, Joe and I saw a merganser duck with a flock-load of babies in the river this morning. I mean, like, 10 ducklings. I didn't have my camera, but here is a picture I nabbed off the web.

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