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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Here is a fragment of a quilt top I got my hands on recently. Some of the fabrics look old, but I really can't be sure. What I will do with it, I can't say right now. I might just make a lap quilt out of it. Seems pretty mangable. Of course, I've put a moritorium on all new projects until I finish Magic Tree. I have sewn on it a few times since I originally made this declaration. I have been known to sit on the back deck with my husband and a bottle of wine many evenings, so I just added a quilt in my lap to this scenario. I use a medium size hoop when I hand quilt. I can certainly quilt and talk at the same time. Once the heat soars up to 90, which is very late coming this year, that will be a little tough. We don't have any kind of air conditioning in our house. A personal choice. I'm just saying, so you know there is no escape. I have a quiet weekend coming up, since Joe is on call, so I may get some machine work done. This could really move that thing a long way in a few hours.

By the way, Joe did not pack his bag last night. This morning I said, "So, you did not pack after all?" He smirked and said, "Naw, that's crazy!" Good for you, honey.

Kate has now been unemployed for 6 months. I think she is starting to lose her mind. I left 4 needles for her threaded with green embroidery floss so she could work on a small quilt she has going without me being there. I hope that went well. I hope she tells me she threaded more needles on her own when I get home.

One more thing, When Joe and I were taking our walk this morning we found a dead bat right in the middle of the path! EEEwwww! Poor little fella. I wonder what happened?

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