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Monday, June 15, 2009

Too Busy Living

Sometimes you are too busy living to post about your life.

On Saturday, the sewing machine came home. I just love this thing. I spent some time on the internet learning about it. Singer has virtually all of the records for these machines, and I found out that my sewing machine is a model 27 and was made April 18, 1912, in Elizabeth, NJ. I think that it is completely amazing to be able to find out WHAT DAY it was manufactured on. (Joe says that he has seen old toilets made in Trenton, NJ, and they have clocks stamped on that tell you what time the thing was made.) In a couple of years I will have a birthday party for it. I found a PDF of the original manual, and I found parts for it online, readily available and inexpensive! I also discovered that singer manufactured millions of these machines, so they are not particularly rare. Some person on E-bay has one for sale that they are describing as "rare" and they are asking $750. Good luck with that.

It was also Special Olympic Summer Games in New Jersey this weekend, so we went over to the College of New Jersey, where the games are held every year. It is a huge event and I can't get over how many people are involved and what it must take to organize such an event. Kate won a silver in singles and a silver in doubles, so she had a good weekend, too.

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