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Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Thrill of Blogging

I recently read an article in the NY Times called"When the Thrill of Blogging is Gone" Here is an excerpt:

"...many people start blogs with lofty aspirations — to build an audience and leave their day job, to land a book deal, or simply to share their genius with the world. Getting started is easy, since all it takes to maintain a blog is a little time and inspiration. So why do blogs have a higher failure rate than restaurants?"

I'll tell you why blogs have a higher failure rate than restaurants. Because people think they are going to get famous and be able to quit their job! Did any of you actually think that would happen? I personally have day dreamed about that, but I can't imagine that will become real. On a good day 13 people look at my blog. One day 30 people looked because I had the tag "coal stove." Here is some more from the article:

"Richard Jalichandra, chief executive of Technorati, said that at any given time there are 7 million to 10 million active blogs on the Internet, but “it’s probably between 50,000 and 100,000 blogs that are generating most of the page views.” He added, “There’s a joke within the blogging community that most blogs have an audience of one.”

Real funny there, Richard.

I started this blog thinking it would be about my fiber art. But the reality is, there is just not enough of that going on to limit my posts to just quilts. Besides, when I find a dead bat on my morning walk, I want to tell someone.

Last night Joe packed his bag for real. What can I tell you? At least I held him off for a couple of days. We are now exactly 2 weeks from leaving. I did a test pack, and I think I will manage to get enough clothes in there for 2 weeks. We will be stopping in on friends at the half way point, so I can do some wash. The good news is I will be wearing my most bulky clothes while we ride.

(Have any of you ever read the book Heidi? I read it when I was a kid, and I remember when they were bringing Heidi to her grandfather's, she had to wear all of her clothes at once. That was crazy.)

It would be nice if I could somehow predict the weather. Do I really need a sweater? It takes up a lot of space, but I might. Someone told me it was cold in the UP of MI in the mornings. On a reasonably warm day, you can feel cold when you are riding a motorcycle. I really hate being cold. I guess when it gets closer to the time of leaving we will get a better I dea what is going on up there.

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I love your blog so keep on blogging.