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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A New Hobby $$

I just ordered $40 worth of stuff off the internet for my new old sewing machine. I was dancing around the subject with Joe, and I asked if I can have my sewing machine running for my birthday. (October) He said it was no big deal and he could have it running way sooner. I want it running tomorrow, but I can't do this without him and I don't want to be a pain in the ass. Just the same, I doubt this will be done until after we come back from our vacation.

Only 17 days until we leave on our epic motorcycle journey. It rains pretty much every day here in New Jersey lately. We are hoping they have a different weather pattern in Michigan. In fact, we've been sacrificing animals to the Sun god. Between tha rain and trip preparations, I think Joe is about to go off the deep end. He has taken apart, lubricated, serviced, inspected, or replaced every moving part in my car, the motorcycle and the trailer we will tow it on. He says we will be packed on Wednesday night, not Thursday, which is the night before we are leaving. He says that I stay up until midnight packing the night before a trip and that drives him crazy. He wants us to be well-rested and leave at 5:30 am, and all we should have to do is get on the bike and go.

All this is fine. But as we were getting ready for work this morning, he announces that he is packing his bag TONIGHT. I had to start busting his balls. "Yo!" I said, "Let's drive to Michigan this weekend for a test run! On Thursday night, let's sleep on the floor NEXT TO the bike so we don't have to go all the way downstairs and across the yard to get to the garage. We'll put the coffee maker in the garage!" He pretended to cry and whimpered about how much he needs a vacation.

We actually are going to test the hitch that is installed on my car and make sure it is OK to haul the bike. My car is not very big, but we've driven around some pretty fat people in there so it should be OK.


momtofatdogs said...

Some pretty FAT people in there? Ha, Ha, ha! You made me laugh when I read that! I think there is nothing you won't say! And I am NOT criticizing.....just laughing out loud.

Sam in Middle TN

Chris said...

I'm smiling at your laughing. And, Yo! There are a lot of things I think but won't say! Maybe someday I will.