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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What, No Sale Today??

Well, the day is not over yet...

Someone asked me about the quilt Pebbles in a Shallow Stream. How big and how I made it. The size of it is 52" x 25"

First, I thought of the concept. Don't even ask me how that happens. Ideas literally just "flash" into my brain. This is the best way I can describe it.

I had the background fabric, which looked like sand to me. I then went through my stash and picked out fabrics in colors and patterns that looked like stones. I pushed it out there a little bit, thinking about a beach I visited on  Mount Desert Island, Maine. There is the most amazing variety of beautiful stones on that beach. They actually have a sign that warns you not to take any. I suppose the beach would be stripped bare after a while.

Anyway, I then cut a piece of each fabric, maybe 8" square. Then I ironed fusable web on each piece. Then I cut that into strips of various widths. Then I cut the strips into chunks. I do that to all of the colors. I trim each chunk around the edges, sort of rounding them out so they look like pebble forms.

Now for the fun part, I begin to put down the pebbles. That includes stripping the backing paper from the fusable and ironing everything down in a "pleasing arrangement." Then comes the super fun part, the quilting. I think it is the quilting that brings it to life. I don't expect to ever ask anyone to do my quilting for me. I used a machine, of course, and made sure I ran over the edge of each pebble, then in-between each pebble. This way the pebbles ended up being raised a little. It felt good when I ran my hand over the surface.

The person who bought it says she loves it. That's cool. I think I will make another one like it some day.


self taught artist said...

you described it EXACTLY as i experience it..its literally a 'flash'. i will be walking or taking a bath (usually these two activities are when i'm not 'thinking') and just like that i see a quick picture of it and get the idea. its cool isn't it?
those really do like like pebbles, its impressive.

Kim Hambric said...

I thought that pebble quilt was fascinating. Thanks for giving out the creation info.

Sorry there's no sale yet today. Maybe there will be two tomorrow.

The Idaho Beauty said...

That was curious me wondering and thanks for the explanation. I wanted to believe that was the process but with so much realistic nature design fabric out there, I did wonder if you'd just found the perfect piece. I like that it is so large, and I can just imagine how wonderful it feels as you run your hand over it. I'm even more impressed with it now!