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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Time again for Art Club

Remember Art Club? That is the art program I am developing with our county ARC (ARC = Association of Retarded Citizens) I started this because, quite frankly, I thought I could do a better job! The head of recreation at the ARC was more than happy to let me do my thing.

I last posted on that blog in May, which was when we did our collage project. I have another one coming up where I am having everyone make magic potion bottles. I have been collecting clear wine bottles all summer (hic!) and cleaning off the labels. I will have the artists decorate the bottles, but for me, the main event is the potions. I will have labels and I asked everyone to come to class with an idea for a magic potion. I think that will be fun.

Yesterday I got home from work and went right back to work... on the Depression Quilt. I'm happy to say that I put this thing together using only materials I already had. I printed some images onto fabric, but I have included buttons from my collection, an old flour sack, sewing notions, an actual photo of farm people I found at an antique store, and old embroidered patches. The fabric on the border is from a set of reproduction feed sack squares I copped at the last quilt show I went to.

I don't think this is the final arrangement. I will have to look at it some more. There will be a big blank spot where I hope to embroider the words from a personal account of a dustbowl experience. I was up late last night searching to internet, but it looks like I will be stopping in at the library.

Joe is off to the Finger Lakes this weekend for a BMW motorcycle rally. He always does this on Labor Day weekend. I see it as a mini vacation, when I tackle some major project with no distractions. (Even though his distractions are delightful.) I'm going to pick up the clean-out-the-attic project again. Dreadful, but has to be done if I hope to make a studio for myself.


jeanamarie said...

hi chris,

my girls and i made the trek (short!) to the post office this morning and sent your parcel off!

thank you for your comment - long is ok ;)

i like the idea of the organisation (ARC) that you have started - it is something to think about possibly a bit further down the road maybe - who know?


Jane said...

this is stunning, so much to see.