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Friday, September 18, 2009

I Lost My Heart

I had this heart that I made around Valentine's day last year. For some reason I never photographed it or put it up on Etsy. So I decided to bring it in to work today to scan it or take a picture. Somehow, I lost it. I have been extremely scatter-brained lately, so I might have put it down around here somewhere. I looked all around my cubicle. I may have left it in the bathroom when I got here? But no, I did not go to the bathroom first, I went to my desk first. And I keep doing that crazy THING. You know that THING? Where you keep looking in the same place again and again. Will it suddenly be there? So far, no.

Work is so very busy right now. I'm truly at the edge of what I can do. I keep getting e-mails from people that will go something like this: "Hi Chris, here is the address to send the posters..."  And I'm thinking what posters? And then my brain snaps and I think, "HOLY SHIT! THAT'S RIGHT, I FORGOT!!!!!!!!!!!!"

That happened 3 times this week, where I would have completely dropped a job if someone had not mentioned it or followed up, or I happened to find an e-mail under some junk on my desk. Sometimes I am amazed that I mange to hang on to this job.

Joe is gone for the weekend again. He rode his motorcycle up to the Adirondacks. He says there isn' too much more riding time left in the season, so, he had to go. The progress on my studio is nil. Next week he is on call, so he will have to stay around the house. That is unless he gets a lot of "emergency" plumbing calls. You would not believe the sense of entitlement some people have. Would you pay top dollar to get a plumber in on a Saturday if your toilet was clogged? You might, but what if you had 2 other bathrooms? Do you think you could hang on until Monday? The best one ever was a woman who called to say the she had a pipe leaking in the basement. Joe tried to get a handle on how bad the leak was. He asked her if she could put a pail inder it until Monday. She complained that she was alone, and she was pregnant. SO??? Is it somehow a danger to your pregnancy to put a pail under a pipe? Or to have leaky pipes in the vicintity? Or maybe a princess should not have to endure such hardships?


But anyway, looking forward to the weekend. Maybe something interesting will happen.


momtofatdogs said...

Oh, come on! Didn't you get the email? You know , the one where it says that being pregnant gives you the "you're entitled to anything, anytime" card??? I got it. I am BARELY humoring it. You would not beleive how Princess Like DD#2 is behaving......3 more months...just 3. Seems like it will be 10.


self taught artist said...

that crazy thing made me laugh out loud....
hope you find your heart!

Martys Fiber Musings said...

Hi, Chris, it's Saturday. Now you have two days to remember or forget exactly as you wish.

ArtPropelled said...

Funny I should arrive on this post because since yesterday we have had a geiser leaking in the ceiling. Water dripping through into my daughters bedroom but we are doing everything in our power to wait until Monday before calling the plumber. It never occurred to us to call him over the weekend.....though I'm sure there are situations that call for immediate attention. I should be married to a plumber!

Chris said...

Now THAT is an emergency call!

Kim Hambric said...

My brain has been operating in a similar fashion recently (last few years). I drop the ball on so many things -- it seems that my floors should be covered with balls.

Sorry about those plumbing issues. I can imagine you cringing on the weekend when the phone rings.