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Monday, September 28, 2009

My Camera is Lost

It's so annoying, losing things all the time. I believe that the amount of stuff I lose is connected to how crazy work is. My brain breaks down.  I am as busy as I can be and the one staff member I have left is sick, so forget it. It's all over for me and my short-term memory.

I wanted to show the "treasure" I found behind the chimney, but now I can't. By the time I find the camera, the moment will have passed. Kate's camera is out of batteries, as it always is if I need to borrow it.

So anyway, I found a clown picture. It is so bad. I think it is one of those crappy craft kits that were around when I was young. There was a plastic outline of a clown, and the crafter was to fill the spaces with some kind of colored plastic grit, so that it was kind of a cheesy mosaic. I had to vacuum the brick dust from it to see what it was. The lips are so big on this clown, that at first I thought it was a fish. I guess you will see it eventually.

In other news, I finished my Great Depression quilt. I have it at work to see if I can get one of the photographers to take a picture of it. Then I will have something else to put up on Etsy.

The insulation arrived for the attic project. Depending on the weather this weekend, some of that might get done.


cconz said...

I know how you feel. I lost my camera too(i left it on my car). You don't realize how much you need it till it's gone. I remember those tacky craft projects. I may have done one myself.
The doll parts are for art projects. I can't wait to use them. I'll check out your quilt.

Gunnels blog said...

oh, best I take care of my camera ;-) Today when I need it, my battery was out, so I have to stop taken shots even if I saw so much beautiful things! We have had the most lovley weather today, cold but sunny and blue sky!
Yes, you have to try do inchies, it´s fun to do!