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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Corporate Crap

Today I went to a "face to face" at work. That is when the big boss of your department talks to everyone about what is going on. We have a lot of changes occuring where I work, and at these events you will hear about how it is all going.

I like to attend these things for several reasons. For one thing, it gets me away from my desk. Also, it makes me look like I care, even though I could care less. I am also fascinated by executives. I think they are kind of like aliens. I like catching the weird phrases of corporate speak. One I picked up today was "...visibility into the travel spend."  Spend is a noun in this case.
I just admitted that I could care less, but this shit is all these people think about. You can tell when they speak, how passionate they are. I guess this is how you make the big bucks. Then I look at them, particularly the women, and I think, You make all that money and this is what you decide to wear?

At the end, they take questions. I have never been able to think up a decent question, even once. This is why I am so reluctant to go to school for any kind of corporate subject matter. I just don't care.
When I go to these things I always bring a notebook. I jot down any ideas I happen to get. Today I got an idea for a series of  art quilts called Fantastic Costumes. It sounds fun. I have no idea what it will actually end up being.
Here is another art quilt that arrived.  Red and Green Butterfly is the Etsy shop it came from. 2 more to go!


Kim Hambric said...

Chris, I have no idea what your "real life" job is. I can relate to your feelings about executives. I haven't worked in an office in 15 years. One day, I was my own graphics department. I had my own office. I was working on a 300-slide presentation for the London-based vice president to present in China. The whole look of the presentation was up to me. I had moved on up! Well, it only took a half-hour meeting to take that all away. In that half-hour I was told that anyone could do my job and that I would be shown how to operate the phones and the copy machine. I left. For good.

I did ask some questions at earlier meetings (when it was deemed that I was worthy of attending). I was no longer invited to meetings.

I'm still a bit angry at all of those suits. But each year, the anger subsides more and more.

I keep hoping the spaceships will come and gather them up and take them away.

Chris said...

Answer: I do work in the graphic art field, just not as a designer. I have a way less glamorous job. By the way, anyone can do your job, and now they do. No one is going to pay a real designer! So the admin does this weird shit job with crappy low res art she found on the web, and they don't understand why the poster doesn't look that great. They think I did something wrong!! Fer cryin' out loud, don't get me started!

self taught artist said...

so you just left a comment on my blog and i'm here checking your two out. this post made me smile and love that you are making quilt designs incognito. i dont know how you stand it all chris, especially since you dont play the game...bravo to you!
i will be by for more soon as i pack a few more boxes!