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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Warrior Angel

Here is another item that has been shipped from my big Etsy order. This is from the UK. The seller is
The Seventh Magpie. I came upon her blog by accident right after I bought this.
To Do This Weekend

1. Empty out one side of the attic.
This is really a ridiculously intense thing, and should really be the only thing on the list
2. Work on the vacation picture book
3. Gather up all the supplies for the next Art Club (Sept. 22)
4. Help Kate work on her latest small quilt
5. Sort through fall and winter clothes
6. Stop in on Riverfest, an event in Frenchtown this weekend
7. Hang up the green man
8. Fill the bird feeders
9. Force Drew to clean his room.
10. Go to the library to find first-hand accounts of the Great Depression

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