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Friday, September 4, 2009

Oh My God, What is this?

I just googled myself and found this.

It looks like a weird paraphrase of one of my posts. I'm definitely a little freaked out. Who did this? (Someone from Quebec apparently) Why?


The Idaho Beauty said...

That IS weird. It's like it was translated from English to French (or maybe some other languate) and back to English by someone not really knowing the language or a program like babelfish. Did you look at other posts on the blog? They are all pretty much the same - garbled English. Since it's Wordpress and there's no contact info, I don't know who you would complain to, but complain I would. The links within your post are to commercial things, so you are definitely being used here for someone else's gain.

Chris said...

Your description is a good one, I thought of the re-translating thing. I also thought it looked like someone played Mad Libs with my post. Or maybe this is my post in Bizzaro World.

self taught artist said...

these are faux sites that need content for traffic. why who knows. one thing you can do is write them and ask to be removed. tell them they do not have permission to use your content. thats about it. i've had this happen a few times, and people usually remove it.