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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Additions to My Fiber Art Collection

Here are the two fiber art pieces that have arrived so far.
The first one is called "And Moon" by Kim Hambric. I really like it, but the coolness of it was really not apparent until it was in  my hands. There is more drawing and stamping than I had realized. I am kind of regretting not getting a bigger piece from Kim. (The size is 4.5"x6.5")
The second one is called "Factory Sunset" The artist's name on Etsy is EmmaKlee. I had no communication with her at all. It just showed up. It's OK, just kind of weird. This one is 15" x 20.5"
Joe returned home from the motorcycle rally in one piece yesterday, which is nice. I showed him the attic, and we talked about what I would like to do. I want white walls. I can only imagine how much more appealing the whole space would be if it were bright. Joe wondered, did it have to be sheet rock? He did not think we could get it around the corner to go up the stairs. I am sure he is right. He said Luan might work because we might be able to bend it to get it around the corner. That suits me, as long as it is white in the end. There is an old, non-functional chiminey that ends before it gets to the roof. It stands against the one thing you might call a wall in the space. We talked about taking that out. One either side of this chiminey are two windows. One of them has a lame replacement window in it, the other is boarded up from the inside. I want to open it up again to let in more light. Joe says that's OK, and he would to replace both of those windows. I would also like some decent lighting. At present there is one bare bulb. He's OK with that.
He says he will start right away. Of course I will help as much as possible. We will start tonight by taking measurements. Then he wants to insulate. I wonder what all this will cost?

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Kim Hambric said...

Chris, thanks for posting a photo of the piece you purchased. That other one is really great. Love all of that textured stitching.

Sounds like the attic is progressing well. Just remember to wire for lots of lighting. I have several clip on lights, two bare bulbs, a table lamp and three overhead halogens on a track. I wish I could put in a couple more light still.