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Monday, September 7, 2009

All is Well

Here is a picture of the attic before I started emptying it. Scary. 

Please notice the paper attached to the rafters in the next picture. I think this was someone's idea of insulation. It has an aluminum (?) backing on it. It is very brittle and comes off in small pieces. On top of this, there is quite a bit of soot and dust on the paper. I'm sure a new roof was put on when that paper was there. When you pull it down, what a mess. I thought I was going to get black lung. I filled 2 large contractor trash bags with the stuff.

Now, the one side of the attic is clear, but the other side is totally crammed. (The attic is divided in half by the stairs.) The rest of the house is a disaster, too.

I have such high hopes for using this space as a studio. Joe says he will put up sheet rock and heat the place. The fact that I will have no real walls is a drag, but I will make do. Stay tuned.

I did a ton of work on the two quilts I have going. I think I can have them both up on Etsy within a week.

Finally, I have received 2 of my art quilts, and I am quite pleased with them. Show and tell soon.


Martys Fiber Musings said...

You are so full of energy this weekend. The idea of your own spacious attic studio must be spurring you on. Would me. Hope you show and tell your purchases soon....and also the quilting projects you've been working on.

Kim Hambric said...

Best of luck on that attic.

I have one of those attic studios. I have hung up a chipboard "wall" & covered it with flannel. It is 3x6'. Aside from a "wall" where the chimney comes up through the attic -- this is all the vertical space I have.

I have had my share of bruises on my head from those slanted walls. And a strange dent in my head too. Not sure if it was studio induced or not.

But it is my space!!!!!! All mine!!!!!!

self taught artist said...

brave woman, i got the creeps just looking at this! congrats on the work and your new space!