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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Tiny Appliqued Heart

Look at this little tiny heart my husband gave me. He came across it in a little store and thought I would like it. I went nuts when he took it out of his pocket.

Look at the tiny stitches, the miniscule embroidery! The green fabric is appliques in one piece over the pink. The entire heart is less than 2 inches high.

Joe says it was made by the Hmong people, but he doesn't remember much else about it.


Quiltplay said...

It's so pretty! Especially lovely that your husband gave it to you.

CA FROM SLC said...

A Heart from a Husband! Make's my Heart Skip!

Anonymous said...

Hiya Chris
Just popped in [via Jude ] to say hello and look around. Love the small heart. And your clothesline metaphor for quilts on the internet.
Linda M in BC [ still lots of snow here , but phooey ! ! on it, i am real tired of winter and celebrating Spring on Friday no matter if it blizzards on me that day ]

Chris said...

Hello there...anonymous??? I have not had an anonymous comment before, but that's OK. It's not exactly Spring here in the way I want it to be either, but it will come. Hooray!!

Anonymous said...

I have to sign in as anonymous because I havent got a blog yet , I consider it but have not yet taken the plunge . I do identify myself inside the comment . Best wishes, Linda M in BC

Chris said...

I'm fairly new to the blog world myself, thanks for explaining why you need to be "anonymous." I did notice that you identified yourself, so it was even more odd to me. I thought it might have been by accident. That's the kind of thing I would do.