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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

On the Run

I have exactly 16 minutes to post. Tonight is the last regular rehearsal for the talent show. After this, Kate's father takes over. Joe and I managed to book a hotel in Cape May on the very weekend of the talent show. At first I told Kate she could not be involved.  She wailed. I asked her if it would be OK if I wasn't there, and she blurted out, "I don't care!" I suggested that her dad might be able to do it and she was OK with that. Fortunately, he's OK with it, too.

Joe and I are staying at the Victorian Motel. It's about as victorian as the 1960s, when the place was most likely built. Our friends, whom we are meeting, stay across the street at Congress Hall. This place is fabulous, and the price reflects it. We would stay there ourselves, but we spent all of our money on that damned chair...

Anyway, when we were making reservations at the Vic, we took note of their rather draconian cancellation policy. If you cancel at least two weeks ahead of your date, they skim 20% off the top, and the remaining 80% is applied to your next visit. If you cancel closer than 2 weeks, you are totally screwed. We figured we would not have to cancel, so no problem. About 2 days later, we realized that this was crashing into the talent show. It never fails. But anyway, it's gonna be alright. I just wish I could be there to do Kate's hair.

I am probably going to finish a huge project at work in the next couple of days, and then sail into the weekend, which starts on Friday for me. I love going away for the weekend. And, get this!  We are going to stop and see Lucy the elephant on the way down! I promise promise to bring my charged-up camera.

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