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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Blog Etiquette

I need some hints about blog etiquette. People are actually starting to look at this blog, and make really good comments. I know that I leave comments on blogs and sometimes I forget to go back to see if the author, or anyone else, has commented on my comment. What's the deal? should I comment on comments right below the comment, or, should I address them in a post? I suppose I can do whatever I want, but what is normal?

Anyway, Idaho Beauty commented on my post about Motorcycles vs Quilts, and she mentioned her late husband and how they used to go on motorcycle adventures that they had combined with quilt shows... I felt so bad about the "late" part. I have only been married 3 years, and I would miss my husband so much... I was reminded that people can become "late" at any time. I really liked getting that post. When I started riding (on the back) with my husband, I realized how many different kinds of people are out there riding. I think Hells Angel types are a minority. It's fun to see all of the "tribes." The young guys riding "crotch rockets," lime green bikes with matching jackets, unsmiling Harley guys, looking all tough, couples on GoldWings with the upholstered armchairs on the back, every one of them having the time of their lives.

Susan Lenz from Art in Stitches (An excellent blog) commented on the idea of getting permission to use images. My first thought has been that, they'll never know. I have been cutting things out of magazines for years, where is the line there?. I don't know, but now that I am on the internet, I realize that people all over the world can and will see this. How would I feel if someone grabbed one of my images without even saying anything? This also reinforces the idea of doing your own work. Then it is 100% original, and you don't have to pay!

About the decisions series, about developmentally disabled people, having them live elsewhere is a decision that has to be made at some point. My daughter lives with me now, and will for a long time, but I'm not going to live forever. She and I discuss what will most likely happen. You can see she is excited, yet scared. One day I was helping her pay and tip for a haircut, and she looked at me and said, "Who will help me with this when you are gone?" I'm only 48, so I don't think I'm going anywhere soon, but as pointed out earlier in this post, you never know when you are going to be "late." Susan, I wish you could actually speak to a person that is disabled and ask them about a decision they have made. My daughter just quit her job. She goes on a cruise with the ARC every year, and her employer threatened to fire her if she took the time off. This was at a school. I see their point. Kate had the entire summer off, so she should be taking her vacation then. But, Kate can't take her vacation whenever she wants to. She decided that rather than get fired it might be better to just resign. The job coach at the agency that helped her get the job seemed really put off. It was as if developmentally disabled people don't have the right to quit a job if they want to. Anyway, that type of thing could be an interesting departure from decisions made by "normal" people.

One more thing: To Acey, yeah, that glove giving us the peace sign! I was thinking I should have picked it up and brought it home, but hopefully more people will notice it.


The Idaho Beauty said...

Yeah, the "late" thing truly is a bummer - thanks for acknowledging it. Put a fine point on the expression "life's too short." However, we DID cram a lot of living in, and I particularly miss the motorcycle riding.

Many blogs have an option you can check in the comment section to be notified by e-mail of comments added to a specific post. That's how I track additional comments on posts I've commented on. The others that don't, I just have to be diligent about checking back if I'm interested. As for responding to comments on my own blog, I usually add my comment to the post along with the other comments to keep it all together, a sort of running commentary some times. If a commenter has an e-mail address, I often respond directly to them as well. I know I like it when a blogger takes that extra time and effort to respond personally.

Other bloggers do what you did here - make a specific post for responding to comments. I think that works well too. Depending on the topic and type of responses I get, often a follow-up post is in order where I can reference those comments my readers may have missed.

So etiquette? I don't think there are any hard and fast rules although I wish there were. I just took my cue from the bloggers I follow and how my own comments on other blogs have been treated. If you're consistent and do what works for you, your readers should have no problem with how you choose to respond.

Gunnels blog said...

I try to give answered at my comments with an email. Or I go to their blog and give a comment. If I don´t can find a blog or emailaddress I answered on my blog with a comment. But I don´t use to comment on my own blogpost. I know someone doing that, but I forgotten to go back and read !! And to remember on wich blog I have get a comment!
I understand that you are worry about your daughter, as you can´t being here for ever.

Queenie said...

She works at a school and they threatened her with termination?! How heartless. Wouldn't this be considered a special circumstance? I work in a school and some of the staff have things that come up, so the principal just helps them work it out. I'm sorry she had to quit. That was unfortunate and I hope your daughter isn't too discouraged.

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Chris said...

Hi Miriam, thanks for following. I'm glad you are intersted. I'll try to kep it up!