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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Copyright Update

ACey had some helpful suggestions about getting copyright approval. I also found a website for the publisher (Random House / Doubleday) that gave some contact info. I was looking in the photo credits at the end of the book, and found that the picture of the unbalanced woman was in the public domain! It seems that it does not come from the negatives of the Black River Falls photographer. That makes me wonder why it is even in the book, but, whatever.

This leaves me with the infant in a coffin, which is listed with a negative number. This made me think that I should go to the historical society. I downloaded a permissions request form, but I don't see my situation there. I wrote an e-mail to inquire. I do know that I will have to buy a 5x7 of the dead baby for $15. There may be some other fee if I want to put it on the internet. I told them it was a one of a kind art work and that I hoped to sell it eventually. I'll let you know what they say.

Meanwhile, I have cobbled together a couple of scans to show the progress of "Faith Replaces Reason."

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