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Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Message from My Husbnd

Joe has apparently read my blog. He took some issue with my post about chairs. He said that I should not have mentioned the price of the art deco chair restoration, because, "people will think we are rich." 

Well, I definitely don't want people thinking we are rich. Next thing you know, we will be solicited by reupholster-ers expecting us to stimulate their end of the economy with more furniture repair, or something. When we instigated that extravagance, we had just sold both of our houses and found ourselves flush with a little cash. Most of that extra cash went towards replacing the entire ancient, crusty wiring in this old house that we had just bought. Another big chunk went toward replacing the 1950's boiler. We figured the chair was a now or never thing, and it's true. We would not think of doing that now.

I'm going to sew, see you later.


Marty's Fiber Musings said...

How funny, Chris....we truly would not want any misconceptions of wealth (or lack thereof)!

Chris said...

Yeah, really! I actually have a whole new idea of what rich must be, after hearing the positively huge numbers bandied about in the news in regard to the economy. A million bucks is chicken feed!

momtofatdogs said...

Don't worry chris, I never thought about the "rich" part. It's no solace, but I get that too. Actually WE get that. We have lived FRUGALLY for 20 years & now? Well, it's paying off. If we spend $500 at Lowe's, I don't dare tell a co-worker, they'll think we have MONEY.
There are other definitions of "rich" right? Besides money? I certainly think I'm WEALTHY, but it has nothing to do witha bank balance....

Sam in Middle TN

Chris said...

Yes Sam, You are right about wealth. Add you are also right about about people. My ex-husband says he could not drive out this weekend to see Kate. Says he is broke until payday. When was the last time you were that broke? Dude, ever hear of a savings account?