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Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow and a Mummy

I decided to take a vacation day today, rather than deal with the weather. I spent a lot of my time cleaning the house, and I did come across a piece of art I made during my exploration of death period. I took some pictures of it and loaded it up on Etsy. I've sold some crazy things on there, so why not this?

I also did more work on the quilt with the insane woman. I went through WDT and came up with a dead baby for her.  I was going to hide the baby, but it ended up front and center, right over his mother's head. It is pretty small, at least. I've also come up with a back story that I think matches up pretty well. Ready?

"The funeral services for the little child of Jimmie McWilliams that died last Friday were held at his home on Sunday. The whole community deeply sympathize with Mr. McWilliams and his wife in this doubly deep-pained affliction, this being their only son and the 4th one that death had taken from them during the past few years. Surely this is the point where faith must take the place of reason."

I like that last line a lot and I think that I will name the quilt that. I am faced, of course, with having to ask permission from somewhere if I decide to sell this. Should I contact the publisher, or Michael Lesy himself? Or should I be asking the Wisconsin Historical Society? In the meantime, I rediscovered  part of  an old Victorian chair-back that I've had hanging around for quite some time. I'm going to figure out a way to use it to hang this piece. I'm excited about that.

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ACey said...

yay. it looks like they're going to allow me to comment! Does the copyright page of the book have a contact point for gaining permission to reprint any portions of it? If so I'd start there. If not I'd probably be inclined to go directly to the writer. If you don't get a response from him in a reasonable period of time I would backtrack to the historical society and ask to be advised of the proper process.