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Saturday, March 21, 2009

First Saturday of Spring

The weather is reasonable today, for March. Supposed to be sunny and in the 50's. I think I can get some things done. My week was a little crazy. Monday my parents came over for dinner, Tuesday was ARC talent show rehearsals, home at 10 pm, Wednesday we sat down and did our taxes, 'nuff said, Thursday is Kate's social group, and yesterday she went to a St. Pat's day dance. It went from 7:30 to 9:30, so that broke up the evening just enough that I didn't really do much. On top of this, work has been very busy and that feeling of rushed insanity is not easily shaken off after I leave.

Enough whining. I have already straightened up the downstairs and I think I'm going to take a sewing break. I want to finish up the Gee's Bend Poseur quilt and get that on to Etsy.  I haven't put anything new on Etsy in quite a while. I also want to re-take some of the photos of  merchandise that were taken inside during the winter. When I sell a quilt I am inevitably told that it looks much better in person. 

I might have a conflict this year between my garden and my sewing. I am an avid gardener, and I think it really adds to our quality of life during the summer. It's nice to sit outside and look at flowers, not to mention all of the creatures it attracts. I directed a lot of my creative energy towards gardening when I wasn't making art. A couple of summers ago I turned our garden shed into a project. I painted the inside, then I collaged the ceiling. It became this major undertaking as I searched for images that suited the theme. I have some older pictures of it, fortunately, because right now it is jammed up with lawn furniture. I'm afraid to open the door, it will all fall out on top of me!

PS You realize that the garden doesn't look like this now. This is probably June.

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