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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hello March

It is snowing here today, but I still start to have hope in March. My husband and I walked into town for breakfast yesterday and I made a point of finding the little shoots poking up in my front garden. We'll have crocus soon.

I've had some good comments here about WDT. I've done some work on the piece. After Idaho Beauty brought up the post mortem photos, I started to think I really needed to put a picture like that in the quilt. I want it to be subtle (I guess that's laughable. A subtly dead baby) but I want to print it small and tuck it in among the lacy bits. The viewer will find it and then understand. Here is a link to WDT photos on Flickr

I used to make a lot of art about death. I suppose it is no coincidence that this coincided with the breakup of my first marriage. I was the one that initiated the break up, and I can honestly say it was a very good decision.  But the art I made was more about the rituals that surround death. I have two sculptures that I made which are miniature mummies in these decorative sarcophogi. I've made several collages incorporating images of mummified people found in ancient tombs. They weren't Egyptian style mummies, more like accidental because of the dry climate they were buried in. I used to work pretty large, 24x36, and these collages are in frames. Hard to take pictures of them. Maybe I have some digital images somewhere?

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