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Friday, March 13, 2009

Having a Job: Not All Bad

I had a comment about signing up for the class that said something to the effect of, If your husband says it's OK, don't worry about the cost...

Sometimes I feel a little resentful that I have to work full time, when I can see that some of you have a lot more time to be creative, but there are benefits. I'm paying for this class myself! I also pay for my car, my clothes, my art supplies, and I pay my own credit card bill. There is a certain freedom in that. (Joe and I split household expenses.)

My husband is a legendary "Good Time Charley." That was his mother's name for him. He goes to work every day, and always has a job. But he'd just as soon not work overtime or Saturdays, thank you very much. This man considers realaxation a virtue. I bought a new car a couple of years ago, and he was discussing different models with people at work. Later that day his supervisor tried to get him to work a Saturday. Naturally Joe balked at that. The supervisor proceeds to say, "You can buy your wife a nicer car..." Joe and I had a good laugh over that. Joe informed the Supervisor that his wife makes more money than he does, and can buy her own car!

The point I'm getting at is that my husband really encourages me to have fun. When I was a single mom (for about 8 years) I did OK, but I was soooo careful about money. My ex-husband, while not an evil man, was such a dimwit when it came to money. I was determined to make up for all of the pissing-away of cash that I endured while I was married. (By the way, he worked, as an accountant (!) and I didn't, so I did not have much say in how things went.) I still find it hard to splurge on myself. That's why I was shaking and almost threw up when I bought that $1200 sewing machine last year.


momtofatdogs said...

Yes, good husbands are hard to find. We do things nearly about the same. HE makes more money, and I pay my own way too. After 20 years, I'm keeping this one.


Chris said...

Let's face it, good people in general are hard to find! 20 years is really great. I'm happy for you.