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Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'm on "Face Space" Or is it "My Book?"

Ha Ha, I crack myself up. Actually, Kate called it "Space Book" the other day by accident. I love that. I get a lot of good material from her.

So anyway, I finally joined... no wait, seriously, which one did I join? OK, OK, it is definitely Face Book. Kate has got a friend who is pretty good on the computer and he wants to create his own community of disabled people on Face Book. So I joined up to see how it works so Kate could join up. I could not log in! Something crazy was happening from my computer, and I have zero patience for this stuff, so I let it drop. But about 5 minutes later I was getting e-mails and people were starting to friend me, and I could not respond. It was driving me crazy.

My friend and neighbor 2 doors down, Skye, was constantly sending me things. I'd see her out on the street sometimes and I'd say she should come over some time and help me out. Well last night she did.

Skye is a very extroverted person. She moved to the neighborhood about a year after we did. In 2 weeks she knew everyone in town. She started painting her house funky colors and hung tibetan prayer flags from her porch. We invited her to our neighborhood Christmas party and it turns out she is a poet of some note. (She recently had a paid gig at the Dodge Poetry Festival) The English teacher and his English teacher wife in attendance were immediately taken with her, and Joe and I started feeling like we were running a salon that night.

So Skye hooks me up with this thing. Part of the problem is that it automatically thinks I am my son, who also uses this computer. She is walking me through all the things you can do, all of her 300+ friends, including some Irish poet who has videos of himself doing a reading, shirtless. Then she shows me how to search for groups that might interest me. I search "fiber arts." That is when I knew this was not a good idea. I already spend way too much time on the computer. My husband has been giving me the crazy eye in the morning, like, excuse me, you do this BEFORE you make coffee? Kate just walked by and called me a blog-a-holic.

I gotta go.... !

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