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Monday, March 9, 2009

Sunday Was a Good Day

The entire weekend was warm. It was a pleasure to be outside for a change. After the quilt show, Joe and I drank a bottle of white wine out on the deck! I know this is not permanent, but it did bring some joy to my soul.

We went to breakfast Sunday morning in Milford, a little town just up the road from Frenchtown. After breakfast we went for a walk to the town cemetary, my idea. Everything I do lately is about my latest quilt, Faith Replaces Reason. I wanted to see if there was anything in the cemetary that could give me inspiration or a new idea about this piece.

The grave stones in there were in rough shape, in that they were very hard to read. I want to do some rubbings, but I was not prepared. I found the usual child grave markers, nothing outstanding. There was a stone that had TWO lambs on it, facing eachother, but both of them had their heads knocked off. That really burns my morbid toast. I know there is a very cool lamb headstone in Clinton. I've used it in past collages. I pass through there on the way home. Maybe I'll stop by for a photo shoot.

Anyway, there is a private home with a yard that butts up against this cemetary in Milford. There were some stones that looked like they were tossed aside, including this one with John Clarence's name, and they were mingled with the toys of the kids who must live there. This is a church cemetary, I'm suprised they would just toss stones aside that way.

When we were walking back to the car I saw this glove in the street and had to take a picture.
When we arrived back in Frenchtown, I spontaneously asked to be dropped off at the antique store in town. I took a photo of a quilt that was in a bucket outside. It isn't that expensive and I have been looking at this for a few months. I like the fabrics. I wonder how our tax return will be this year?


ACey said...

the quilt you're eyeing is very appealing but what I really love is the disembodied peace sign from that glove on the ground.

Quiltplay said...

Very interesting! I love the old quilt, the 'peace' glove and your visit to the cementary. I am jealous of your weather - we have snow again.

Queenie said...

my daughter and i went to the quilt show on sunday. nice day for a drive from where we are in northern nj. so many beautiful quilts, the talent is amazing! and lots of goodies too. we enjoyed ourselves.

i really loved the mild weather this weekend also. wish it could last... we're freezing here tonight. so cold and damp.

Susan Lenz said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I've really enjoyed browsing through your last few entries....really thought provoking! I've never investigated copyright issues; it scares me half to I avoid anything needing it for the most part. Reading about your experience, however, makes it sound possible to "do the right thing". Love the quilt too!

Now, about a letting a developmentally delayed child live in a foster home? It is a decision, of course, and I'd happily work with someone whose made this choice. Yet, I don't get it either. I'm close friends with a family in my neighborhood whose son is challenged. There was never this decision to be made. He lives with them....likely will always live with them. I will have to think about a way to include to best feature the DECISION(S). If you think of a way, let me know!
PS I often feel overwhelmed at art shows too!