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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Vivid Dreams

I was in my boss 's office. It had a lot of different rooms, and wasn't really like her office at all. There were some people in one of the rooms acting suspiciously, doing something with a flat screen TV, so I decided to leave. When I went to grab the door knob, It was covered with a loaf of white bread, as if someone cut a door-knob-sized hole through a loaf and fitted it over the knob. I could feel a key inside the soft white sandwich-style loaf. I took the key and put it in my pocket.

When I left the room, I came out into what looked like a mall. In the mall was a large display of fiber art, mostly colorful fabric on a clothes line. I was looking at it, and a woman with a British accent came up next to me and started touching the cloth. All of the color came off on her hands. She said, 'Look, it's lipstick."

I then went to a room that had all of the people I work with in it. They were dismantling a large chocolate Victorian dollhouse. It was supposed to have been for a co-worker's partner, for his 60th Birthday. (I don't think the guy is anywhere near 60.) I started to help, and ate a piece, then discovered that it was to be reassembled later.

This is a small part of the dreams I had just last night. This kind of profuse and vivid dreaming has been going on for a few days, and I'm not sleeping well because of it. I had decided to limit the scope of this blog to my art experiences and keep the general life-whining to a minimum. We all have a lot of the same maliase going on, I think, why dwell on it? But today, I am sorely tempted.


Quiltplay said...

Chris! This would make one heck of an Art Quilt!

Chris said...

You mean, like the whole dream??? It would be like the Bayeux Tapestry!!

Quiltplay said...

I agree but elements of this are too good to pass up. I especially like the Victorian chocolate house and think that would translate well to fabric.

Skye Van Saun said...

I happen to like whiny stuff. I mean, what's a blog for but to whine and gripe? Expand on that dream. You never know where it's going to take you. And if you get it out of your head, you might be able to sleep better.

Chris said...

Thanks for permission to whine! I was in some kind of a terrible hormonal place that day. I just hated everyone. I was about to tell them.