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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

More of This

I have finished quilting and binding this thing. Most of my quilts have an obvious title (at least to me) but not yet this one. As I was photographing it this morning suddenly it became glaringly obvious that one edge isn't straight. Why didn't I notice it before? This happens to me all of the time. I've never been a perfectionist, and my head is in a place now when I can barely be bothered to even measure anything. I can live with flaws just fine most of the time, but this is annoying me too much. I will have to fix it.

I've decided that I do not want to make traditional quilts, but I find I cling to many of the conventions, mainly setting up a rectangle with a sewn on binding. I've been thinking about and gathering images for my next quilt, which will be something about Egyptian art. That could be a good place to try an unfinished edge, as if it were a fragment.

Back to the thing, everything was OK with my sewing machine, so now this piece is ready for hand work. I was thinking I wanted to have some hand work ready for when I take my machine in to be serviced. Who knows how long it will take. I've gone from a person who did everything by hand to a person who does almost nothing by hand. It's too bad, because I like doing hand work, and I love how hand stitches look. Check out a blog called Spirit Cloth, she does hand work in a reverential way. Good photos as well.

I also have a very large art quilt half finished. I started it before I got my new sewing machine. It is all by hand, and I don't want to switch in the middle, so progress is very slow. I could decide to devote some block of time to it.

At the same time as the large art quilt, Kate and I started working on a quilt of denim scraps. We left seams and pockets in the patches we cut, and we like it. The top is done but we have gone no farther. I remember now, she wants to add embroidered patches to it, but it is really difficult for her sew through all that. I'm not exactly thrilled about it myself. As I write about this, I realize that I have been putting the Etsy site before all else. None of the unfinished quilts I just spoke of will be for sale, so they have not been a priority. See what commerce does? My shop is pretty slow, and has enough stock, so maybe it is time to let that hang for a while. Which reminds me, in an earlier post I mentioned selling a quilt called Egg Mash. Well, it has not arrived at its destination. It's been just about 2 weeks. I had it insured, but I hate to think it is stolen or lost. I'm afraid I might be about to find out what it is like to make a claim.

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