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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Butter Krak

The weirdest little things amuse me. When Joe and I were out and about on Sunday, we decided we were thirsty, so we stopped on the way home at a convenience store in Point Pleasant, PA. It's been in business for so long that even though it functions as a convenience store it looks like a general store from 1920. We got a couple of bottles of ice tea, and as we were standing at the counter to pay, I saw this candy. There were several flavors of these little chocolate Easter eggs, but I don't remember what they were. My eyes were fixed on the Butter Krak. "We've got to buy this!" I said. (Insert joke comparing chocolate to crack) The man who was ringing us up told us that this is the best candy in the universe and he ordered it for the store so he could make sure he had it for himself. We went out to the porch to sit and shared the Butter Krak. It's a coconut cream egg, simple as that. I don't know what the hell Butter Krak means, but I love the name. You think Smuckers is bad, how about Zitners? They do not appear to have a web site, but there are plenty of people touting them on the internet:
"Zitners Chocolate Covered Easter Eggs have been made in Philadelphia since the 1920s and are renown for their great taste. Butter cream, double cocoanut and more. Made in a 1-ounce size for a quick snack or decorated in quarter-, half- and 1-pound sizes. The company's 1-ounce Butterkrak egg is still the most popular, a cream center covered with toasted cocoanut and chocolate."
Last night I went to the attic and emptied a bin. One bag of garbage contained cassette tapes, little Homey figures, school papers, some photos, and other sundry crap. I found slides of my art from 10 years ago. Slides! Not sure what I should do with those. They are currently put aside for further review. I did find some photos that can be put in the same place as all the other photos we want to save, and I found some fabulous little tidbits for fiber art. Lace and a big roll of cotton tape.


Anonymous said...

Butter Krak is not just "a coconut cream egg". The toasted coconut surrounding the butter cream & coconut filling makes it "Butter Krak".
Zitner's also sells Coconut Cream and Double Coconut Cream Eggs. Try them and you'll taste the difference!

Chris said...

Yo, anonymous! Thanks for the comment. Maybe you are right. Send me some ButterKraks and I will taste them again and see if I was maybe wrong.