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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Party Time! Excellent!

Unfortunately, I have another cold. This one feels way worse that the last one, and that's almost alarming to me.  Joe suggested that we just scrap the whole party thing, but I felt that it was too late. Remember, this was to be a double party. Kate's friends were coming from 4 to 7 pm, and our friends were coming from 7 until ? Obviously only a crazy person would have back to back parties, I admit that. I've seen the error in my ways and I will not be repeating this. But it did work out. I just wish I wasn't sick!

We spent the day cleaning and cooking. It was about 3:30, 
all was well, so I thought I would sit down with a cup of tea. I went into the bathroom first. I set my tea down on the window sill. (This is a very small half bath that someone made by taking a slice out of the dining room in a house that originally had no bathrooms at all when it was built) I tugged on the mini blind cord, you know, to get some privacy. The entire blind broke and crashed down. When I opened my eyes, I had the mini blind sideways into my cup of tea. It's kind of amazing that the cup did not crash to the tile floor, but I did have tea EVERYWHERE. I was soaked, the walls the floor. And now we had no blind on the window. After cleaning it all up, we began to try to figure out a way to cover the window without making it look like the horse's ass. Quilt to the rescue! And, with a vaguely valentine theme.

For those who don't know, my daughter is developmentally disabled, and naturally, so are her friends. I've noticed that many of the parties Kate attends at other people's homes involves putting on a video. Kate reports that they don't really watch it anyway. The other thing is that these people rarely are involved in an activity that isn't structured. I like to just get them together and let them hang out, the way 20-something people might if they didn't need their parents to drive them everywhere. What I did do this time is cover the dining room table with a sheet of paper and a couple of buckets of markers and a bowl of snacks and let them go at it. I figured this might keep them occupied for an hour. At 5:00 I asked them if they wanted dinner. Not interested, everyone wanted to keep drawing! Finally at 5:45 I convinced them to stop. After eating baked ziti, they listened to music and just socialized. I think it went well. 

Party part 2 also went well. We've developed some friendships with a variety of like-minded people in Frenchtown and we really have a good time when we get together. 

One more thing, look at this cool decoration my husband made. We bought this heart at TJ Max a while ago, with the intention of doing something cool with it. Joe drilled holes in it and put a light behind it and hung it up near our front door. This picture does not do it justice because the flash went off, but I think you get the idea. I like it so much I want to leave it up all the time.


Quiltplay said...

Wow! Very ambitious - 2 parties in one night. I like that you had your daughter and her friends do something interactive and fun as opposed to just watching TV. All kids (and adults) get far too much screen time and need to o something else instead.
I do love the heart your husband made and I would leave it up all year too!
Thank you for sharing!

Quiltplay said...

Oh my ... The quilt is fabulous too!

Chris said...

Yes, 2 parties in one night... only a crazy person would attempt it! I lived to tell about it. Thanks for your comment on the quilt. It's one of the earlier ones. By that I mean earlier this year.