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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm Frustrated

I just spent an hour hand stitching this little bit of a fabric collage I threw together when I was sick but I hate it and I have to take it all out. I have so little time to sew that any wasted minutes are devastating to me. I should not have even tried to do anything with this paltry amount of time so it was a waste anyway.

 And, I really have to start doing everyone's taxes! (I'm not an accountant, in fact I can barely add, but I'm the only person in this house that will even look at a tax form.)

I'm tired of hearing about the villians of the economy. Who is this Bernie Madoff, and how come his nuts aren't nailed to a post on Wall Street? If a regular person stole this much money they'd be in jail already. And how come if I do a crappy job at work my silly little 3 percent raise shrivels up, but bankers rape the entire system and collectively get billions in bonuses?

And if that isn't bad enough,  my feet are freezing.  I'm itchy. My skin is dry enough that I'm afraid it might catch fire.  When will this winter end?

Good night.


Quiltplay said...

:) !!!!

Marty's Fiber Musings said...

Your ire at the economic mess makes me feel less irrational. I sometimes think "Am I the only one who sees this as a problem?"
But, back to what we can do....when a quilting project goes wrong at my house, I often divide and conquer. (means I cut it into half or quarters and rethink. yeah, takes some courage but what do you have to loose)

Chris said...

Hi Marty, thanks for the comment. Of course everyone is going crazy over this economic thing. Most of us lead our sensible little lives, and then a load of greedy Wall Street Jackasses, along with an apparently huge amount of people who bought those giant McMansions they could not afford, come along and wreck the place!

Please see my next post for more on the quilt that isn't working.