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Monday, February 23, 2009

Antiques in Maryland

We found this little Antique shop in frizellburg, MD, and luck would have it that we had a car full of people who were up for some browsing. I found the exact plate that my husband wiped off the wall with his shoulder a while ago. It had been on the wall with two other plates in a doorway from the dining room to the kitchen. The height of it is up to about where my head is, so it never occured to me that it could be a problem. Anyway, I pointed it out to him and he bought it for me.

This place was awash in old textiles, mostly in the way of doll clothes. I bought these little tiny treasures. Of course I never touched a needle all weekend. Someday I will have more time to incorporate all of this stuff into art quilts. Looking forward to that day.

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