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Sunday, February 8, 2009


I've been seeing a lot of UFOs in people's posts lately. My husband has been trying to find the slides from his trip to England in 1985. (FYI, we did not get married until 2005, although I have known him since I was 13.) No luck yet, but he did dig up a UFO I had forgotten all about. I'm pretty sure this is the last fragment of a conventional quilt I ever worked on. I can't see finishing it, not really big enough to be anything, but  I can imagine using it in some other quilt. I guess it will just go into the collection, waiting for some inspiration.

It was a pretty nice day here in New Jersey. After weeks of 20 degree weather, it was in the 40's today, which felt spring-like to us. Joe and I went out to breakfast, and then went over to Lambertville. It's the premier charming river town in NJ (Frenchtown is one of the other ones) but I think the place has turned the corner and is now a tourist trap. We went to an antique mall we've been going to forever, and realized it is now a bit upscale for us. You know of my fondness for old and weird textiles. Well, the "Housewife Craving a Cocktail" tea towel cost $8 and I winced when I paid it. Today I could find no towel under $20. I just wasn't into it. I saw what looked to me like a rag made of velvet. Had some interesting flowers on it. I'm looking to try to get away from using only cotton in my work, so I thought this might be cool. Turns out it wasn't a rag, it was a "tapestry" and cost $45. I did find some nice embroidery and an interesting silk handkerchief. 


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Gunnels blog said...

I think this quilt is very beautiful! I like when it´s looks "old and simple"!