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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Hi. Sorry I got so crazy yesterday. I should not have said that thing about that man's scrotum, you know, nailing it to a post on Wall Street. That was kind of crude. My mother did not raise me that way. Sorry, Mom.

I also used a ton of moisturizer after my shower this morning. I'm a little bit slippery, but I think that might be better than feeling crispy. Now I feel like a dried leaf dipped in olive oil.

Also, I had another look at the quilt collage I am trying to make. It really isn't that bad. I'm just forcing myself to work more loosley but then I am shocked at the result. I think I can see where it is going now. I'm not patient enough.

In my upcoming posts I'm going to be talking about a book called Wisconsin Death Trip. The book is every bit as weird as the title sounds. It came out in the early 70's, and that is around when I discovered it at the Bound Brook Library. (I grew up in Bound Brook, NJ) You can google it if you want, or you can wait for me to prepare my post and show you how this is part of the quilt collage I have been raving about lately.

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