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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Old Art

I've been pretty bad about blogging lately. But here is something: A collage I did ages ago. Maybe late 90's? I was clearing out some files from my computer and came across this image. This collage was pretty big, 32"x20" and framed. It's on permanent loan to the Mark and Judy collection. It just so happens that these are the people we are meeting in Cape May.


Foula said...

This looks great. You made it using textiles, paper or both.

Chris said...

Hi Foula,
I was not working in fabric at that time. I was using foam board with a sticky surface. I would stick down the major elements I had chosen, then I would fill in the negative space with a "mosaic' of "tiles" that were made of paper. When I had that done, I would sprinkle play sand over the board and it would stick to whatever wasn't covered in paper. It formed kind of a mortar.