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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Artist the Subject of Art

I've been follwing the blog of Susan Lenz, Art in Stitches, for a while now. I got into some kind of conversation as the result of comments made on her blog... well... see for yourself! She explains the whole thing.

Kate and I are pretty excited about being in one of Susan's decision series pieces. We had this big idea that we would drive all the way down to S. Carolina for the opening of her show. I had no idea when that would be, but it turns out it is in about 2 weeks, and on a Thursday, and a couple of days before a Special Olympic Event. We can't make it, oh well.
I really love Susan's work and once again, cool to be part of it!


Quiltplay said...

This is really beautiful - very powerful, yet in a gentle way. I am awed! (as usual!)

Susan said...

Thank so much for being part of this ongoing series. The "show" is really an annual art gallery crawl. Gallery 80808/Vista Studios is one of the anchor locations for the event. The thirteen artists with studio space at Gallery 80808/Vista Studios hang their work in the spacious, professionally lit gallery and host a reception. Each of us put some of our newest work in the show. I've already submitted the entire series for possible solo exhibition opportunities. With any luck, some smart museum or top-notch gallery will accept it by sending an exhibition contract! I haven't officially announced this on my blog, but this week the Art Center in Denton, Texas accepted Blues Chapel for November - the first part of January! I'm totally excited. Some of this work was created in 2006. Some will be created for this show. So, the Decision Portrait Series will hopefully have its own exhibit...hopefully more than once....and possibly in a location closer to you! Who knows? Of course, if anyone reading this knows of a location to which I ought to submit an exhibition proposal, please let me know! Again, thanks for being part of the series. Your piece truly is a perfect example of the importance of decisions and the complexities of the decision making process. I've been honored to stitch it!

cconz said...

What a cool idea. It looks beautiful! I love fabric art!!Is it hand done or machine? or alittle of both?

Chris said...

to cconz: I think she uses a very stiff paper on the back, it was called "spackle" or something. It was in one of the e-mails she sent me at home. I'll check it out and get back to you.