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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Art club went down pretty well. Everyone seemed to get what I was talking about. I showed them some famous art, (Mona Lisa, American Gothic, The Scream, Andy Warhol's Marilyn.)

I gave everyone a large envelope to hold their works-in-progress. Then we talked about collage and different ways we could make them. Most of my students seemed to go with a theme. Two women have horse themes going. One woman likes witches. A man named Matt was completely taken with a map of Nova Scotia I had out there with all of the magazines. He cut out a bunch of flowers and a man and woman to go with the map. I'm looking forward to seeing that collage finished. Another man cut out pictures of flags, soldiers and diamond jewelry. Eric, known as Eric Scissorhands, sat down and went right to work doing what he likes to do, cutting out letters and words. He made an art club sign for me! I asked him if he would like to try cutting out some pictures and he very politely declined. I said that was fine because this is Art Club, not Make Your Collage My Way Club! However, by the end of the night, he was cutting out beach scenes.
The aerial view is a picture of Kate with Jimmy, who laughed like a hyaena when ever he saw a picture of a toilet. I could not get over how many toilets he managed to come across.

The problem I see coming is that I needed two days to do this, but I have three. I will have to come up with another project, but I think I can. My next class is April 28th

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