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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Bunny and Traffic Circles

Here is the Easter Bunny himself handing out Jelly beans in front of the Fudge Kitchen in Cape May. I would like to salute all of the people that get stuck wearing these crazy costumes for the sake of commerce! I always think of Mr. Bee, mascot of a small hamburger place in Somerville, NJ. He would stand and wave out there on the Traffic Circle as people heaped abuse upon him.  I don't know what bees had to do with anything, but the tables in there had glass tops and there were honey combs inside with pipe cleaner bees. That place has been gone for a while now. If you don't know what a traffic circle is, well maybe you call it a round-a-bout where you live? Quite a few of them were built in NJ as a way to control traffic where a number of major roads converged. As the population soared around here, the traffic circles started seeing way more cars than they were ever meant to handle. It was almost a right of passage to have your first car accident on the circle, partly because we were too busy throwing trash at Mr. Bee. I recall as a new driver, and even later, I would not be able to get through the thing without having someone give me the horn. There were rules about who had the right of way on the circle, but if you followed them you could be stuck there for hours. The traffic circle has changed since then; they built a bridge that sent Route 202 over the top of everything, but I still avoid it if I can. I understand that over 11,000 cars per day go through there!

Hey, that was some tangent, eh? Well, just take a look at the chow mein nests we made and I'll let you go. Have a lovely and relaxing day!

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momtofatdogs said...

I have a terrible sweet tooth.

And it LOVES Easter!

Those look yummy!

Sam in Middle TN