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Friday, January 30, 2009

Thursday = Library

I usually need to take Kate somewhere for her social group on Thursday. They alternate cooking a dinner together or bowling. If there is a fifth Thursday in the month, no social group! So I went to the county Library. I had a crazy whopping fine of $18. I am terrible about stuff like that. I had to stop renting videos because the late fees were killing me. Then they invented Netflix. I need "Netbooks." I expressed embarrassment at having such a large fine, and the librarian told me that someone was just in that had a $90 fine! I asked if they paid and she said that they decided to go home and look for the books.

Anyway, I needed books about Egyptian art. I recently acquired some Egyptian-style fabric and some funky gold fabric. they seem to want to be together. I just have to watch out that it doesn't end up looking, I don't know, like a school project. I have done very little surface painting, or distressing, and not much embellishing apart from beads. Now might be a good time to experiment.

I also found some books about vintage fabric in the quilting section. I love old fabric. There was one book that was divided into sections, such as pre-1830. I have to scan this picture for you, there was a pattern in one of the fabrics that looked so modern I feel it can not have been from that long ago. I'll scan it when I get home. (Yes, blogging from work again, but it is lunch time.)

Lastly, I found a book about natural dying that I want to check out. It is at a different branch of the library so I might have it in a couple of days. More soon....