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Thursday, January 15, 2009

More Bad Pictures of Good Stuff

Valentines! I get a big kick out of Valentine's Day, it falls just below Christmas in terms of coolness of imagery. Red, pink, glitter, cupids, lace, HEARTS! That said, I don't do major decorating for this holiday. I figure I commit enough sins at Christmas time. And besides, I'm afraid if I put anything else in the attic, the house will topple over.

I could not sleep very well last night with my coughing. I camped out on the livingroom couch to give my husband a break, but then I decided to take some more pictures. I had been taking decent pictures outside, but with being sick and the temps falling, I haven't felt like it. The camera being on the fritz is the last straw. I managed to make these pictures somewhat salvagable in photoshop. These little quilted Valentines are about 6" x 7".
Kate had a meeting to go to last night. It was in Flemington, about 11 miles from our town, so there is no point in going back home. I went to Michael's and bummed around for a while. I bought some embroidery floss and a few sheets of glittery red felt. Then I went next door to Borders. There I picked up a couple of books about Photoshop Elements, (The software had just arrived in the mail) and some magazines and had a seat. The Elements books were $35.00 and $40.00. Ouch. I mainly wanted to find out how to resize photos. I could not find the answer to my question in either of these two fat, expensive books. I figure I will just struggle with it myself and save 40 bucks. I will install the application maybe Friday or Saturday.
I also checked out the magazines Cloth Paper Scissors and Sew Somerset. I have a love hate relationship with these publications. I think I will post about this tomorrow.


Quiltplay said...

The pictures are actually pretty good. The heart quilts are very sweet!
You have a great knack for writing funny stuff too - I really enjoy reading your blog.

frenchtown said...

Hey quilt play, thanks for reading and enjoying this blog. I like yours, too.

Gunnels blog said...

So sweet they are!
Sorry I can´t find you at etsy, I think I have to many favorties ;-) please give me your shops address !