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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Disappointing Photos

I'm back to work. I feel better, but I sound ridiculous. I woke up with my throat all rough. I was probably snoring or something.

I posted Clinkers to Etsy. I have a picture of my Valentine quilt, but I find it is really dark and the color is terrible. I need to re-take before I post it to Etsy, but I can give you all a peek.
The center panel was actually cut from an old flour sack. I quilted around some of the graphics to enhance them. I put a black border around the whole thing, and I have ironed on the vines, leaves and hearts. What I like to do is quilt around the edges. Then I have quilted and secured the elements at the same time. I rely almost entirely on fusing, but I really don't expect it to last very long. I always sew the edges. I don't know why the photo came out so dark. Our camera must be on it's way out. It is 4 years old. I now see the same camera for less than half the price with twice as many features, and it is so much thinner. I made a vow to spend less money this year, but it isn't going so well. I would hate to live without a digital camera!
While I was on the couch the past couple of days, I finished 5 small quilted Valentines. I'm excited about getting them up on Etsy, and showing you.

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