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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A New Project

Here is a thing I am starting to mess around with. I have hand-stitched some of the componants together. The shells you see are not sewn on yet. I'm just trying to figure out how I want to arrange them. I also need to do whatever quilting I'm going to do before I sew on any embellishments. I have 3 things ready to quilt, but I can't seem to get myself down the basement. It really is a crummy space. Most people would not put up with it.

I was thinking of buying one of those sheds, that they can plop right down in your yard. I saw one,I think it was 10'x16', with big windows and french doors for $3000.00. My first thought was, well, forget that, but, I did spend $1200 just on my sewing machine. I could save for it! It would take up a fair amount of yard, and then it would have to be heated. Joe could do it, he said so. (He's a plumber) Then I started thinking maybe it would be better to finish half of the attic. We would have to sheet rock and insulate it. I can't imagine being up there in the summer without air conditioning. (We don't AC our house at all in the summer) Then, of course, it is that attic shape, with the pitched roof as the walls. I don't know. There just doesn't seem to be any great solution. I'm pretty sure my bonus is going to be crap this year, so I can't rely on that. I will keep thinking about it.

In other news I had another sale on Etsy. I made a wall hanging out of an old flour sack from the Beacon Milling Company. (Egg Mash) I liked how it came out, but then everyone that I showed it to remarked on the stains. They are pretty bad, but it never occurred to me that it would be a problem. I mean, the thing has probably been in a barn since 1948! I put a close up picture of the stain in the listing, and made note of it in the description. I figured it would never sell. I even lowered the price. Well, surprize! The woman who purchased it is from Beacon, NY. You never know!