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Monday, January 12, 2009

Illness Interferes with Art

I've got a pretty bad cold. It's annoying, because I'm usually good at fighting this stuff off. I'm definitely not going to work today, but I still have to drive Kate to work. After that I'm going to take some photos. I have 3 pieces completed and ready to go up on Etsy: Pebbles is totally finished, Clinkers is ready to go and I have a valentine quilt done. I'm excited about this one. It incorporates a 10-pound flour sack and has the most adorable graphic. The thing is I can't get these photos up until I get to work, and I'm pretty sure I'm taking Tuesday off as well. I think today I will break down and purchase Photoshop Elements. The more I get involved with things on the web, the more it becomes apparent that I need to be able to do these things independently.  And besides, I figure I could be downsized at any time.  You'll know if this all went down when you see photos on my blog later.

UPDATE: I purchased it as a disk. Should arrive the 16th.

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